Jual Etude House Dear Girls (Ready Stock)
dear girls merupakan seri terbaru yang dikeluarkan oleh etude haouse. dalam seri dear girls ini terdiri dari, lip balm, moisturizer, liptint, bb cream, bedak padat, cute eye maker dan face mist. dalam seri dear girls ini semua produknya tidak mengandung zat-zat Paraben, ethanol, benzophenone, animal ingredient, talc, artificial fragrance.

buat kalian yang lagi nyari etude house dear girls bisa beli di mikiko shop ini. semua produk yang ada dimikiko shop ready stock jadi nggak perlu nunggu buat PO.
happy shopping ^^

Etude Dear Girls Lip Balm

harga etude house dear girls lib balm Rp.79.000,00

Offers moisture and nutrition to dry lip to create healthy lip.
Refreshing berry fragrance enhances your feeling up. Vitamin ingredient of berry extract creates radiant lip.
6 FREE (Paraben, ethanol, benzophenone, animal ingredient, talc, artificial fragrance)

Etude Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker

harga etude dear girls cute eyes maker Rp. 115.000,00
Eye brightener and underliner.

Etude Dear Girls I'm Blooming Mist 150ml

harga etude house I'm Blooming Mist 150ml Rp.152.000,00
6 in 1 item (Starter + toner + essence + booster + mist + moisture fixer). 

Etude Dear Girls Tint Lip Balm

harga etude house girls tint lip balm Rp.130.000,00

Etude Dear Girls - Be Clear BB Cream SPF30 /30g

harga etude dear girls be clear BB Cream SPF30/30g Rp.130.000,00
harga etude dear girls be clear BB Cream SPF30 5ml in jar Rp. 55.000,00

With its soft application, this dual effect whitening + UV protection BB Cream promotes youthful skin with its  natural coverage that conceals imperfections and uneven skin-tone.

Etude Dear Girls - Be Clear Moisturiser

harga etude dear girls- be clear moisturiser Rp. 100.000,00
mengandung spf 30, pelembab ini dikhususkan untuk memutihkan wajah. berisi 50ml
Adheres to skin to brighten skin tone without stickiness. Blocks UV rays to create healthy skin. 5-vitamin extract and 7-organic extract offer full of nutrition to skin. 5 Free System (Paraben, talc, mineral oil, artificial colors, animal ingredients)

Dear Girls - Be Clear Pact

harga dear girls- be clear pact Rp. 145,000,00
Power in bright peach color offers vitality to skin. Covers skin trouble such as pores naturally to create smooth and girly skin.  Contains 5-vitamin extract and 7-organic extract (1,000mg) to create healthy skin.


selain seri dear girls kami juga menjual seri yang lain dari etude house

Etude House VVIP Special Care Kit 5 pcs

1 set terdiri dari :
Moistfull Collagen Peeling Wash 10 ml
Happy Essential Foam Hyaluronic Acid 30ml
Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack 30 ml
Moistfull Aloe Mask Sheet 23 ml/1 sheet
Moistfull White Eye Patch 2patches

Etude Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base No2 berry choux sachet

harga ukuran sample Rp.10.000,00
berry choux
mint choux

Etude Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base / 13gr

harga etude sweet recipe baby choux base 13gr Rp. 152.000,00

Get Sulli's baby soft skin with the Baby Choux Base! Use this base alone or under your regular bb cream to correct your skin tone and smooth out your skin texture.

terdiri dari tiga varian:
Mint choux cocok untuk kulit merah yang teriritasi 
berry choux cocok untuk kulit berwarna pucat
peach choux mencerahkan kulit yang kusam

Etude Sweet Recipe Candy Stick


harga etude sweet recipe candy stick Rp. 79.000,00
Tint gloss type that contains tint ingredient.  Creates smooth and resilient skin and xylitol delivers refreshing feeling.

Etude Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

harga Rp.115.000,00
Use this product as eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush for a super quick and practical makeup look.

Etude Sweet Recipe Cookie Pact

harga etude sweet recipe cookie pack Rp.165.000,00
Pressed powder that make your skin smooth and soft, with a pearly glow.

Etude Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter / 13gr

harga etude sweet recipe chocolate highlighter 13gr Rp.174.000,00
Creates gorgeous, glowing, healthy and vivid skin.
Contains various colored peals to create face with cubic effect and volume. Luscious chocolate fragrance.

Etude Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes

yang ready tinggal PP501,OR201

harga etude sweet recipe cupcake eyes Rp. 119.000,00

Etude New Juicy Pop Tube

Affordable cute lipgloss with lots of sweet colour.
harga Rp. 65.000,00

Etude 66 Big Eye Line Charm

Sekarang kamu dapat membuat lipatan mata dengan mudah! 
Etude 66 Big Eye Line Charm adalah lem untuk membuat lipatan mata. 
harga Rp. 79.000,00

Etude Precious Mineral Cotton Fit sample in jar 5 ml

Upgrade version of Etude House’s best seller ‘Precious BB Cream.
harga Rp.65.00,00

Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF50

    Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF50 PA+++
    1. Water holding system keep skin cool and moist.
    2. 3 in 1 function : Coverage, Sunscreen, Waterproof effects help BB cream to last longer on face.
    3. Attached sponge helps easy and perfect make up.
    How to use :
      Apply proper amount with attached sponge all over face.
      #01. N02 Light Beige
      #02. W13 Natural Beige
      #03. W15 Sand Beige
      harga Rp. 199.000,00

Etude House Baking Powder B.B Deep Cleansing Foam 150ml

Diformulasikan dengan baking powder yang dapat membersihkan sisa make up sampai ke pori-pori Ideal untuk membersihkan BB Cream

harga Rp. 119.000,00


harga Rp.55.000,00

Etude House Total Age Repair Kit

Terdiri dari:

- activating toner 5 ml

- activating emulsion 5 ml

harga Rp.35.000,00

Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer and Bright Fit BB Cream sachet

Terdiri dari:

Etude Bright Fit BB Cream #3
Etude Nymph Aura Volumer #3
harga Rp.15.000,00 

Milky Pink/ Red sachet

harga Rp. 10.000,00

Etude House White Moistfull First Essence sachet

Moistfull white is formulated with Baobab tree,niacinamide and rose hip oil to supply brightening moisture care.

harga Rp. 10.000,00

ETUDE HOUSE Shea Butter nutrifull sleeping pack sachet
Nutrition & Moisturize, sleeping pack untuk kulit kering

harga Rp.10.000,00

ETUDE HOUSE Shea Butter Nutrifull Sleeping Pack

harga Rp.199.000,00

Volume :100ml


: Shea butter, natural cloudberry. 

 Production Description
: Contains organic shea butter and cloudberry ingredient that has special nutrition.
: Delivers nutrition, oil, and moisture to skin through the night.
: Creates thick moisture film to give instant vitality to dry skin.  

Etude Color My Brow

harga Rp.105.000,00

Color My Brows adalah mascara untuk alis yang membuat alis terlihat lebih tebal dan rapi secara natural 

Etude Wannabe Lumiball Highlighter

harga Rp. 170.000,00

Etude Drawing Brow AD

harga Rp.67.000,00

Perfect for drawing and shaping your brows! Available in 6 shades to help create smooth, natural eye brow contours
No 1 Dark Brown

No 2 Gray Brown

No 3 Brown

No 4 Dark Gray

No 5 Gray

No 6 Black

Etude Dear My Blooming Pact

harga Rp. 195.000,00

Etude Drawing Show Creamy Liner

harga Rp. 119.000,00

Cream eyeliner with intense color and smooth texture adheres to supply waterproof definition and enhanced eye expression. Comes with brush.

Etude Dear Darling Tint

harga Rp.90.000,00

Etude Dear Darling Neon Tint

harga Rp.110.000,00

Etude Fresh Cherry Tint

harga Rp.101.000,00

Etude New Proof 10 Liquid Liner

harga Rp. 135.000,00

Etude Surprise Essence Concealer

harga Rp.94.000,00

Conveniently sized liquid concealer eliminates complexion worries by providing durable and light spot concealment. Brush application is quick and easy to use.

Etude Wonder Pore Freshner Total Solution 7in1 25ml

harga Rp. 52.000,00

Etude Magic Tint Balm

harga Rp.74.000,00

Memberikan kelembaban sekaligus warna manis pada bibirmu ^^

Etude Wonder Pore Freshener / 250ml

harga Rp. 159.000,00

Wonder Pore Freshner is a total solution for pore care, preventing enlarged pores, less firmer skin and skin troubles by eliminating what hurts skin health from within.

Etude Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam 170ml

harga Rp. 115.000,00

New Lovely Cookie Blusher

harga Rp.105.000,00


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