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mikiko shop menjual produk-produk the face shop dan semua yang ada di mikiko shop, barangnya ready stock ya.. jadi nggak perlu nunggu buat PO.

jika kalian ingin membeli produk produk ini bisa langsung beli di mikiko shop. dan untuk cara pemesaan silahkan klik disini ya..

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TFS clean face oil-free BB cream 5ml sample in jar

harga Rp. 55.000,00

The Clean Face Oil-Free BB Cream by The Face Shop, is an all skin type BB cream uniquely engineered to minimize the appearance of pores. 
For those looking for a more mild and gentle BB cream, this is the one for you. It's oil-free and will allow you to get a better handle on sebum secretion. The texture is very light and blends easily with your skin.

TFS clean face oil-free BB cream 35ml

harga Rp. 135.000,00

TFS Power Perfection BB Cream sample in jar 5ml

harga Rp. 65.000,00
Recommended Best Seller! A ‘3-in-1’ BB cream (anti-wrinkle, whitening, sun protection) with perfect  coverage
Total Skin Treatment BB cream(Special ingredients for rejuvenating skin): actively addresses all skin problems such as loss of firmness, dry skin, uneven skin texture and dull complexion Better makeup results (flawless coverage + good adherence + long lasting)
Marvelous airy-touch texture: A light-as-air texture that smoothly melts into the skin upon application making skin comfortable and able to breathe. 

          TFS Power Perfection BB Cream / 40gr (Choose Color)

                                                                                           harga Rp.260.000,00

no 1 light
no 2 natural

TheFaceShop Lovely ME:EX Enamel Jelly Tint 4.5g

harga Rp89.000,00
Perpaduan antara lip tint dan lip gloss sehingga membuat bibir berwarna merah merona natural seperti bibir asli dan bibir akan terlihat penuh menggoda. Perpaduan ini sangat awet di bibir, warna tidak gampang memudar. Tidak membuat bibir kering tetapi melembabkannya.
Hasilnya dewy kemerahan natural

Terdiri dari dua warna :
1. Enamel pink
2. Enamel red

1. Best combination of tint and lip gloss
 By combining the natural glow of tint and glossy effect of lip gloss, it gives volume and liveliness to your lips.
2. Jelly-like texture & upgraded coloring
With its transparent jelly-like texture, thick and smooth application makes your lips young and lively.
3. Moisturizing lip care
 Moisture Keeping Agent prevents the moisture evaporation, making dewy and glossy lips.

The Face Shop Lovely ME PP401

harga Rp. 65.000,00

The Face Shop Firming Body Essence 300ml

Mengencangkan kulit dan melembabkan kulit agar tetap halus terawat
harga Rp.190.000

Face It Power Perfection BB Cream 20 ml

harga Rp.165.000,00

A BB Cream providing total skin treatment to achieve a "power perfection" skin by imparting proactive care to overall skin problems, including bagginess, roughness and dryness

The Face Shop Rice Water bright Rice Bran Cleansing Foam (150ml)

harga Rp. 159.000,00
The Rice Water Bright line gives natural brightening effect with rice water. It contains 7 kinds of grain extract. It is extremely gentle and watery.

The Face Shop White Secret Whitening Body Scrub 180ml

Body scrub untuk mencerahkan kulit sekaligus menghaluskannya.
harga Rp.185.000,00

The Face Shop White Secret Whitening Body Essence 300ml

Body lotion untuk mencerahkan kulit sekaligus menghaluskannya. Membantu menghilangkan jerawat di punggung
harga Rp.190.000,00

The Face Shop Milk Plus Calming Moisture Body Lotion

Body Lotion dengan kandungan susu yang tinggi untuk melembabkan dan mencerahkan kulit yang kering.
harga Rp.159.000,00


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