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Sulwhasoo First Care serum Sachet

harga Rp.11.000,00
Formulated to replenish essential moisture and nutrients and to boost the effect of every subsequent treatment. Milk-vetch, licorice, and dwarf lilyturf work synergistically to optimize the Korean herbal ingredients in the complete collection while deeply hydrating.

Formulated with Korean Medicinal herbs, this essential serum assures optimal skin care results.

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing mask sachet

harga Rp. 14.000,00
an overnight mask awakening a radiant looking skin
Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this overnight mask awakens a radiant looking skin with nourishing moisture and herbal extracts

Sulwhasoo moisture liquid cleansing foam Sachet

harga Rp.14.000,00
a cleansing foam leaving skin hydrated and looking radiant

Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask sachet

harga Rp.15.000,00
a peel-off mask purifying and clarifying dull, devitalized and problem skin

sulwashoo herbclinic restorative ampoule sachet

harga Rp.11.000,00

Sulwhasoo Recommendended Products! 

Miracle cream yang bisa menghilangkan jerawat/ bekas jerawat, dan mengembalkan tekstur kulit yang sudah rusak menjadi lembut dan halus

Highly concentrated Korean herbal medicinal ampoules that restore skin balance to quickly restore aggravated skin. Herblinic Restorative ‘Complex’ restores damaged skin and restores skin balance for healthy skin with strong resistance against external aggressions. Highly concentrated ampoules that embrace the skin in a thick, dense texture stays on the skin for a long time for lasting nourishment.

Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Radiance Powder Foundation sachet

harga Rp.11.000,00

A premium Korean herbal medicinal foundation that delivers Extra Refining Line’s unique vitality to deep inside the skin for supple, energized glow.
1) Extra Refining Oil Complex prevent skin damage and bring refined glow from deep inside for naturally healthy looks.
 2) The supple jelly-like texture blocks moisture evaporation from the lipid layer and applies lightly and smoothly for deep nourishment and long-lasting suppleness and glow.

Sulwhasoo snowise Whitening BB base SPF50+/PA+++ Sachet

harga Rp.11.000,00
A korean herbal medicinal BB Cream for bright and radiant skin even under light and heat (SPF50+/PA+++)

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Cleansing Foam Sachet

harga Rp. 14.000,00

A brightening eye treatment that soothes and brightens the tired eye area. A brightening eye treatment formulated with traditional Korean herbs that soothes and brightens the tired eye area.

- Applies smoothly and gently for instant brightness, while Baikal Skullcap extract1) gives radiance around the eye area. 

- The use of cooling metal-tip applicator helps to reduce the visible signs of fatigue around the eye area, promoting micro-circulation for enhanced vitality. 

How to Use 
Use every morning and evening after applying Snowise EX Whitening Whitening Fluid. Release a certain amount onto your fingertips and gently spread around your eyes. 
Use the cooling metal-tip applicator to massage the eye area and promote circulation.

Sulwhasoo Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Eye Serum Sachet

harga Rp.11.000,00

A Korean herbal medicinal hydrating serum providing deep multi-level hydration

Satsuma Mandarin extracts revitalizes the moisture flow in the skin to firm and brighten the eye area. Instantly reduces puffiness with its cool texture.

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX White Ginseng Exfoliating Gel Sachet


A wash-off gel containing pulverized white ginseng to remove dead skin cells. A wash-off gel formulated with traditional Korean herbs containing pulverized white ginseng to remove dead skin for glowing skin.

-The gel contains White Ginseng powder that removes excess sebum without irritating the skin, leaving it smooth and polished. 

-White Ginseng Polysaccharides, honey, and Beta Glucan extract moisturizes the skin as it maintains the skin's youthful lift.

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Sachet Bundle (Untuk memutihkan)

harga Rp. 130.000,00

Terdiri dari: 
Sulwhasoo Snowise Water 1 and Fluid 1 (each 5ml)
Snowise Cleansing Foam 1 Sachet 
Snowise Exfoliating Gel 1 Sachet
Snowise Serum 2 Sachet
SNowise Cream 1 Sachet
Snowise Eye 1 Treatment 1 sachet

Snowise BB Base 1 sachet

Sulwhasoo Hydro Aid Sachet Bundle (untuk kulit sensitif dan iritasi)

harga Rp.120.000,00

Terdiri dari:
Sulwhasoo Balancing Toner (1) and Emulsion (1) (each 5ml)

Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Serum (2sachet)
Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Cream (2sachet) 
Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Eye Serum (1 sachet)

Moisture Liquid Cleansing Foam (1 sachet)

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil Sachet

harga Rp.14.000,00

Formulated with purifying Korean Medicinal Herbs, this cleansing oil removes makeup and skin impurities

Sulwashoo White Ginseng Brightening Mask atau Lightening Gel Sachet

harga Rp.15.000,00

This exfoliating mask promotes the skin's natural circulation and hydration.  The unique gel texture envelops the skin while White Ginseng powder gently exfoliates, restoring health and vitality to the skin.

Sulwhasoo Innerise Complete Serum Sachet

harga Rp.11.000,00
A serum formulated with traditional Korean herbs that densify the skin to improve its radiance, texture, and contour.

Yeongsil Complex1), formulated to activate the skin densifying factors, densifies your skin to revive its radiance, texture, and contour. 

The thick texture quickly penetrates, leaving refreshing suppleness. 

1) The major ingredient of Innerise Complete Serum formulated with Yeongsil, the baby brier fruit, Polygonatum officinale, and red ginseng saponin.

Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Cream Sample Sachet

harga Rp.10.000,00
The essential whitening to purify skin and accelerate circulation

Snowisse Line is created to add the brightness of body & mind to realize "whiteness" that is much more than just words. White Mulberry and Marsh Parsley for skin soothing and circulation, coupled with Rhubarb extracts for concentrated whitening care, refine the essence of skin glow from deep inside for the ultimate whitening.

A brightening cream recovering clear, even color-toned skin

Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Renovating Serum Sachet

harga Rp. 10.000,00

Formulated with Korean herbs, this serum restores skin vitality and veils the skin in illuminating botanicals and promotes healthy looking skin.
CONCERNS :Fine Lines,Dryness,Deep Lines / Wrinkles,Loss of Elasticity,Dullness / Uneven Skin Tones 

This serum contains five germinated mixed seeds and fruits such as Prunus mume fruit, Azuki-bean, quince, Korean pine, and Sesame which promotes youthful looking skin and effectively diminishes signs of aging.

Sulwhasoo Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Cream Sachet

harga Rp.11.000,00

Sulwhasoo Renewing Kit (2 Items)

harga Rp. 89.000,00

Perpaduan dua produk yang paling best seller dari Sulwhasoo dalam 1 set trial kit.
Terdiri dari:

1. First Care Serum (4ml) - BEST SELLER SERUM
Formulated to replenish essential moisture and nutrients and to boost the effect of every subsequent treatment. Milk-vetch, licorice, and dwarf lilyturf work synergistically to optimize the Korean herbal ingredients in the complete collection while deeply hydrating. 

2. Firming Cream (5ml) 
A firming cream that nourishes the skin from deep within to restore healthy resilience.

Sulwhasoo Snowise Water and Fluid (each 5ml)

harga Rp. 59.000,00

The essential whitening to purifyskin and accelarate circulation
Snowise Brightening Water 

A gel-textured balancing water delivers optimum hydration through deep and rapid penetration.

Snowise Brightening Fluid
A fluid that penetrates deeply to clarify and brighten skin.


  1. sist.. aq pengen coba produk sulwhasoo.. kl bwt ngilangin bekas jerawat plus mutihin pk apa aja y.. trus jdnya brp?? tq..

    1. bisa pakai yang Snowise EX Kit Mini 6Items sis:), sudah termasuk spot serumnya, bisa untuk menghilangkan bekas jerawat

  2. sulwhasoo first care serumnya masih adakah sis...bisa order

  3. Sis jual Sulwhasoo Harmonizen Regenerating Cream gak ya?

    1. jual sis :) untuk pemesanan langsung sms ya ^^


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